About Us

'' CARKROM MAKINA '' set its initial main target  to becoming a national brand, produced since 2000.


Since 2003 he has been a '' CARKROM MAKINA '' - consists of highly qualified and  satisfies the customers's needs and provides the service. Despite the difficult and responsible work, '' CARKROM MAKINA '' - make maximum contribution to employees to engage with customers  friendly, easy to use, safe and effective relationships.


Our relationship is  focused on the customers, who buy '' CARKROM MAKINA '' food industry, especially for milk and diary products processing organizations machines  as in our country as well as in abroad. Our production and include all  staff are quite motivated and oriented to industrial progress and development of the modern technology and most importantly continue to work successfully  to improve the consumer sevice.



'' CARKROM MAKINA '' does grow, and the number of employees too, who are working hard and  keep a national brand on the national market integration, which will improve the stability and efficiency of the global market.